MFOC: Cosmic Cars

Sonntag, 08. August – 20-21h, Hippocampus

The enigmatic 47IN4 and RVDS (Pudel Produkte, Smallville, Bureau B) have coalesced as Cosmic Cars, with one spontaneous gig under their belt with Börft’s Erik Jäähalli at the Golden Pudel and their debut release, Pudel Produkte 35. 

Cradling tonality, detuned dischordant melodies which drift in and out of your subconcious, rhythms that collapse on themselves. The duo provide a record that floats between creeping acid and Musique Concreté. 

A delicate touch made with a unique use of tape machines, radio, and traditional techno hardware, it is pure sonic alchemy. 

Artwork courtesy of the genius, Alex Solman.