MFOC: Circuit Diagram

Freitag, 06. August – 20:30-22h, Hippocampus

„Instrumentaler, krautiger Postrock und Electrodub mit gutem „Cellphone from the sahara“-Empfang“

Nach diversen Neuauflagen Manuel Göttsching’s E2E4 als „Chess Medi Workshop“, einer Kollaboration mit Death in Vegas‘ Richard Fearless als „Death Circuit“, melden sich Kris Jakob (Elektronik) und Nicolas Sheikholeslami (Drums) nach 3 Jahren als „Circuit Diagram“ auf einer Hamburger Bühne zurück. Mit ihrem „kraut-groovy afro-beat from a jungle far from the bush“ (Guardian) wird sich das Duo aus Hamburg/Berlin zu einem neuen „elektroakustischen Trance“-Zustand hinreissen lassen.

Circuit Diagram refer to themselves as an electro-acoustic trance act, whereas The Guardian described 
their sound as „kraut-groovy, afro-beat from a jungle far from the bush“. 

In 2020 Kris Jakob (electronics) and Nicolas Sheikholeslami (acoustic drums) revisit their 2013 debut „Amanar“ EP which was released as Pudel Produkte’s catalogue number 20. 
Originally a vinyl-only release, the duo tweaked the sound of their „wicked dubbed motoric kraut“ record, as it was described by Sounds Of The Universe when they crowned it „record of the week“ for its debut digital release. 

The title track „Amanar“ is a proggy 11 minute tour-de-force of shapeshifting krautronic wonderment, 
once described as „sounding like Can gone to modern day Africa“. 
On the flip side is „Iklig“, a polyrhythmic groove meditation based on a sampled baseline by the founding fathers of the so-called „Anatolian rock“ movement in 1970s Turkey. 
Jan Schulte later told the duo that this record didn’t leave his DJ bag for a year. Some more left field support came by the likes of Richard Fearless, Anika, Lena Willikens. 

– „Beats that remind us of NY post-punk/disco pioneers Liquid Liquid.“ – crack magazine 
– „Deranged post-oriental dub alienations“ – No Fear Of Pop