Amanda Trygg – Ghost Concepts

For Amanda Trygg’s (*1990 lives and works in Hamburg ) painting is seen and executed as its own way of thinking, where every formal choice build up the subject matter. Her practice has moved back and forth between abstraction and figuration, from color-field abstraction to post-card paintings from a holiday in Mallorca and a figurative investigation into the Zombie – or painting through the eyes of it. However the last years she has cast her eyes and hands on the world according to objects.

Inspired by the philosophical ideas of speculative realism she is now taking on the still-life, challenging the “stillness” of it all.The works on display in Galerie Oel-Früh is also an embrace of the „girly aesthetics“ she formerly approached with more resistance. The ribbon is back as the main character; as the ultimate metaphor of something naive rather than rational.

Amanda Trygg I Ghost Concepts I Photo © Antje Sauer