Verena Schöttmer – +

Verena Schöttmer (works and lives in Hamburg) is focused on installations, paintings and sculpture. In her work she brings together traditional craftsmanship and popular culture, weaving in social codes and quotes. Her sculptures, frequently seen as „couples“, concentrate on sociological processes connected to human relationships.

Schöttmer mostly works with fabric: fabric as tissue, as a flexible haptic substance or in a stronger architectural vein, as a tapestry or a curtain. She positions the fabric in connection to sculptural, often ceramic, elements and uses fabric as a metaphor in which showing and hiding, exhibiting and cloaking, exposing and covering are central.

Many of Schöttmer`s works also have a connection to the medium of painting. In her series „Ghostwritings“ (2017- ongoing), she paints with chlorine bleach on denim. This process of decoloration combines a typical subject of art, a mimetic representation of a flower bouquet with a fashionable phenomenon: the „acid washed jeans“ that was common in the 80s punk scene and stood for nonconformism and subversion.
In her work she wants to overcome fixed ascriptions, test borders, and design cross-medial spaces.

Her recent work „÷“ shows 30 little ceramics which function as a medium for thoughts and feelings between humans.